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What is TrillionaireEA?

  • TrillionaireEA (Trillionaire Expert Advisor) is powerful and highly profitable forex robot build for MetaTrader 4 platform that trades completely on autopilot 24/7.
  • It is capable of creating consistent profits for years to come, with the smallest drawdown possible and it is going stronger then ever with our improved trading algorithm.
  • It is not trading on grid, and it does not martingale.
  • It uses price action with advanced algorithm for perfect entry, fixed stop loss and intelligent trailing stop loss to take the most profits out of every move.
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True Performance of TrillionaireEA:

TrillionaireEA is competing with the best forex robots in the world that is already making more then expected profits for many new and experienced Forex traders all around the world.

It is capable of turning 100 USD into 10.000.000 USD and more on safe risk settings in just one single year.

The maximal drawdown ever recorded on the lowest risk setting has never exceeded 12.8%.

The maximal drawdown ever recorded on the highest risk setting has never exceeded 22.9%.

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More Real Results
Monthly Growth
Monthly growth of Trillionaire EA is anywhere between 100% – 1.000% and above, depending on the risk setting of expert advisor. It can be modified to achieve custom results.
Currency Pairs
Expert Advisor is capable of trading accross entire Forex market, over 30+ currency pairs. Read more under “Buy” section.
Basic Requirements
There are only few requirements to run our EA: – True ECN account on a reliable broker – Minimum of $200 USD deposit – Metatrader 4 platform – VPS per your own choice
Fully Customizable
TrillionaireEA is fully customizable from take profit and stop loss levels, trailing stop loss, amount of trades, frequency of the trades and risk ratio per trade.
Trial and Pricing
You can try out EA for 3 full months for fraction of a full cost or buy the full version which ranges from $1950.00 USD up to $24.950.00 USD. Read more under “Buy” section.
Customer Support
All of our customers have a full support during the use of our expert advisor. We provide full email support, Team Viewer support and ShowMyPC support for any help and questions that might arise.
Rick - from Belgium
I own TrillionaireEA for EURUSD for almost a month and I decided to write a review on how it performs. It works just like described. Patience is absolutely necessary if you want to end up with big profits. It trades only on some days and when it does it either makes small profits or small losses with nothing to worry about and then some days it explodes with profits and doubles your money and you go whaaat!!! The best of the best robots I have ever tried or seen and I am so glad to have found it.
Peter - from Austria
I have been reviewing a lot of robots on my blog and this one was one of the most expensive ones I have found. After many skepticism I tried the EURUSD trial and now I understand why price is so high. EA is absolutely dominating Forex although it trades little time. Have been observing some trades in real time and in just few minutes it can open over 20 trades and take profits from 18 while 2 where in losses. Stop loss is trailing the big moves so that profits do not go back into loss. It works perfectly so far and this is why I give it 5 stars.
Anonymous Reviewer
Excellent! I was impatiently waiting for 2 weeks of small losses and small profits until a big string of profits hit in. I am 80% up in one single day! I guess patience will pay off. I can now confidently recommend this expert!
Jonas - from Netherlands
The best robot in the world!!! I made exactly 486% in December alone but it takes a while to get there. First week delivered massive profits and then next week almost nothing and then during holidays it went up again to 486%.
Anonymous Reviewer
Good Forex Robot. It is making money.
Evelyn - from USA
Robot is good. I have deposited 2000 $ and I am up 418 $ in one week with low risk. Just so you know, low risk means that my trades open with 0.02 lots, but I will increase it because it looks safe.
  • What Brokers should I use with TrillionaireEA?
  • What account type should I use with TrillionaireEA?
  • What is the minimum required deposit to run TrillionaireEA?
  • Do you provide Customer Support?
  • How do I receive Expert Advisor?
  • Is there Instructions Manual?
The best broker we have tried so far are FXTM, FXCM, XM, Exness, FXPro and Pepperstone and work flawlessly with our expert advisor. However, any broker that supports MT4 platform will do equally well as our expert advisor takes big profits and small losses so spread and commission plays practically no role at all.
Minimum required deposit to run our expert advisor is 100 USD for one account and one currency pair and one instance of expert advisor.
We provide full customer support regarding any questions or directions that you might need. We provide full email support as well as Team Viewer and ShowMyPC support shall you need help setting up EA on your MT4 platform.
You will receive a download link to TrillionairEA files and instructions manual automatically after the purchase of any version to your email address that you provide at checkout.
Yes. You receive instructions manual automatically upon purchase directly to your email inbox that you provide at checkout with full explanation, installation process and use of our expert advisor with correct settings and use of risk settings.