Information and Frequently Asked Questions about TrillionaireEA

Trillionaire EA Forex Robot is a result of years of successful manual trading and several months of programming in MQL4 language.

It uses special algorithm to enter trades on 5 minute time frame on practically any currency pair based on special set of indicators that detect perfect trend opportunities, momentum of price, and also pure tick data.

While it was designed to trade on top 5 major pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, and AUDJPY it has been continuously developed to trade on practically any pair.

Final version that will trade on 30+ currency pairs is still under development, but we have gone as far as finishing it for 25 pairs so far.

EA trades only when market is in perfect condition to bring the most profits from the moves that follow. If there are no such conditions, EA will not trade, even if it takes a day without trading. It will enter trades approximately 4 out of 5 days on average.


Still in Development for More Currency Pairs

Trillionaire EA is still in development for many currency pairs, and exact date and time of the final launch cannot yet be confirmed. Please stay tuned to our website for final launch time and check back from time to time for news.

Until then, you can purchase expert advisor for a fraction of the cost and use it on your own real money live ECN or standard account on selected currency pairs and see its performance before final version is launched. You can also try Trillionaire EA for 3 months. Click here to check out try-out options.


What Are The Features Of TrillionaireEA?

TrillionaireEA runs on 30+ currency pairs as well as on gold and silver. Final version will run on all of them. What are the most distinctive features of expert advisor?

  • It can trade on any good reliable broker with ECN account or Standard account
  • Minimun deposit to run this EA is 200 USD for one currency pair and we recommend using separate accounts for each currency pair that you use, in order to get the most optimal performance for that currency pair.
  • Account to use can be of 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, or  1:1000 leverage and anything in between as well
  • It trades on 30+ currency pairs, including gold and silver
  • It runs day and night during high and low volatility waiting for perfect opportunities on each currency pair separately
  • It takes occasional small losses with small drawdowns
  • It has a great recovery rate
  • It has fully customizable settings that have dozens of variations from low to high risk settings, different trailing stop loss levels as well as several other parameters that are being described in manual that you receive upon purchase of our expert advisor.


What are requirements to run TrilllionaireEA?

  • You need Metatrader 4 platform from any broker.
  • You need ECN or Standard account on a reliable broker. One of the best brokers that run our expert advisor flawlessly are FXTM, FXCM, XM, Exness, FXPro and Pepperstone, but honestly any reputable broker  will do fine.
  • 100 USD of minimum deposit for each currency pair that you wish to use.
  • VPS – virtual server that will run our expert advisor 24/5. This is not mandatory if you have an option to run Metatrader 4 on any PC with our expert advisor 24/5 and never need to close down MT4 or change connection to a different account.


Trading Style of TrillionaireEA

TrillionaireEA trades in a very special way that is unique in every way. Exact rules and code behind it cannot be disclosed, however, what can be said is that it enters trades based on the most sure and significant trend movements, be it big or small, which delivers a great edge in profiting in the short and long term.

It does not use martingale techniques and it is does not trade on grid. Only pure price action based on indicators and trend detection is considered with a lot of fancy code that deals with the trades based on real live market conditions.

It uses stop loss on all orders and intelligent trailing stop that takes the biggest explosive moves all the way to the end.

It has a tendency to enter several trades per day on average, however it does not trade every single day if there are no favorable opportunities. There might even be few days in the row that EA will not trade at all, if market is resting or in a tight sideways move and then there are days when EA will enter many trades when market is awake again and moving in a  trend in either direction.

For this reason alone we offer a try-out version for the minimum of 3 months and nothing less than that, since this is the sufficient time period, which is sufficient to see the clear image of performance of Trillionaire Expert Advisor and also make a lot of money on the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Brokers should I use with TrillionaireEA?
  • What account type should I use with TrillionaireEA?
  • What is the minimum required deposit to run TrillionaireEA?
  • Do you provide Customer Support?
  • How do I receive Expert Advisor?
  • Is there Instructions Manual?
The best broker we have tried so far are FXTM, FXCM, XM, Exness, FXPro and Pepperstone and work flawlessly with our expert advisor. However, any broker that supports MT4 platform will do equally well as our expert advisor takes big profits and small losses so spread and commission plays practically no role at all.
Minimum required deposit to run our expert advisor is 100 USD for one account and one currency pair and one instance of expert advisor.
We provide full customer support regarding any questions or directions that you might need. We provide full email support as well as Team Viewer and ShowMyPC support shall you need help setting up EA on your MT4 platform.
You will receive a download link to TrillionairEA files and instructions manual automatically after the purchase of any version to your email address that you provide at checkout.
Yes. You receive instructions manual automatically upon purchase directly to your email inbox that you provide at checkout with full explanation, installation process and use of our expert advisor with correct settings and use of risk setting.